Breaking News! A new take on the toll toking takes

The key to a successful social construction is to hide the seams, conceal moral or partisan concerns inside such irreproachable domains like neuroscience or public safety, and make the message so repetitive that it blends into background noise. Interpretations about marijuana’s menace or merit are a case in point – and in the news today. Browse the links below and you will see the wet paint of new claims and counter-claims.

The toll the toke takes…

At the same time that we witness legal changes that make recreational marijuana permissible and as more claims are made about its medical uses, others continue to maintain that marijuana is dangerous to users and harmful to others.

Every toke you take makes you dumber?

and a killer?


The toll the toke takes may be less than the toll taken on truthb

Is this true? No, not exactly


What’s with brain scans anyway?


Every toke you take is now two times the toke you took

The more potent toke