Assessing Drug Harm Assessing Drug Facts

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UCONN Avery Point
Spring 2019

SOCI 1501W
Race, Class & Gender

updated April 1, 2019

SOCI 2301 Criminology
updated March 24, 2019

ECSU Spring 2019

SOC 250 Social Inequality
updated March 28, 2019


Poverty Risk Calculator


Genocide resources:

Mock Trials of Genocidaires - links & resources

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder links

Genocide links

My Lai:

Reflections on My Lai – 46 years on

On the invisible war

The Institutional Permissiveness in the Sanctions For Rape

Fact sheet on sexual assaults in the military


Poverty in the U.S. 2014

Know Your Surroundings Who's Poor and Who's on Welfare?

Fashioning moral panics, film at 11

Now you tell us

Making illness mental

What's the nature of mental illness

DSM5 Revising the reality of mental illness for Thought

Adderall as a drug menace?

A new take on the toll toking takes

Disturbing Images

Disturbing images & words

Torture is criminal

Tortured excuses and justifications do not lessen the crime.

White Racism:

Past and present online resources

Girl Brains Boy Brains, a debate fit for Zombies?

Read about it: Crimes of obedience


Cultivation: The view of Mash Valley in the Somme from a farm field in Picardy

F. Scott Fitzgerald,
Tender is the Night, ch 13:

“This land here cost twenty lives a foot that summer. See that little stream—we could walk to it in two minutes. It took the British a month to walk to it—a whole empire walking very slowly, dying in front and pushing forward behind. And another empire walked very slowly backward a few inches a day, leaving the dead like a million bloody rags. No Europeans will ever do that again in this generation.”

“Why, they’ve only just quit over in Turkey,” said Abe. “And in Morocco—”

“That’s different. This western-front business couldn’t be done again, not for a long time. The young men think they could do it but they couldn’t. They could fight the first Marne again but not this. This took religion and years of plenty and tremendous sureties and the exact relation that existed between the classes. The Russians and Italians weren’t any good on this front. You had to have a whole-souled sentimental equipment going back further than you could remember. You had to remember Christmas, and postcards of the Crown Prince and his fiancée, and little cafés in Valence and beer gardens in Unter den Linden and weddings at the mairie, and going to the Derby, and your grandfather’s whiskers.”

“General Grant invented this kind of battle at Petersburg in sixty- five.”

“No, he didn’t—he just invented mass butchery. This kind of battle was invented by Lewis Carroll and Jules Verne and whoever wrote Undine, and country deacons bowling and marraines in Marseilles and girls seduced in the back lanes of Wurtemburg and Westphalia. Why, this was a love battle—there was a century of middle-class love spent here. This was the last love battle.”

“You want to hand over this battle to D. H. Lawrence,” said Abe.

“All my beautiful lovely safe world blew itself up here with a great gust of high explosive love,” Dick mourned persistently.